How NLP can help your business success

One of the main reasons people become interested in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is to gain more confidence, which in turn triggers self-worth, helping them move on in life. The same concept can be beneficial as well in finding success in business.

Confidence Muscle Exercise

Below is an exercise (written by Toby & Kate McCartney) that people can take and apply in their work and career. It uses the very concept of improving confidence levels to “install” new, positive habits in daily life. Throughout the course of the exercise, the unconscious mind won’t be aware that the events which the person is thinking about aren’t actually happening in real life. As a result, the person will feel confident and positive. It is important to remember this mantra: We are what we repeatedly do. Hence, the more this feeling is repeatedly felt, the more the person is going to feel a growth in confidence — making it a new, positive habit.

Here are the steps in this exercise:

  1. Recall a time when you were really confident — the more specific, the better. Remember every single detail if possible.
  2. Focus on what you can feel, hear, and see.
  3. Start identifying areas in the body where you feel the confidence resonate. Feed the feeling and make it grow throughout your body. Whenever it feels good, make a fist and squeeze your fingers.
  4. It’s time to go back to the present.
  5. Repeat this using five other events from your lifetime. Keep making fists whenever you feel really good.
  6. Assess what you’ve accomplished so far and make a fist again. Notice how you begin to feel the familiar sense of confidence coming back inside you. This is just like any physical exercise — the more you perform it, the stronger the feeling of confidence becomes.

Now, you’ve created something that you can consciously control and use when you need to feel confident — something that will come really handy during business transactions and whenever you’re faced with difficult decisions.

Are you ready for a test? Think of a particular situation involved in your business or work that really makes you nervous — something that you lack confidence in. Now, as you think about this nerve-racking event, try making a fist and let the feelings of confidence come back to you. You can immediately notice that you are starting to feel differently — in a positive way — about this event, be it from the present or future.

Keep this in mind:

The main thing to remember is to choose past events that evoked very high levels of confidence and positivity. If it’s not possible to think of more than five different events, then you can use the same one over and over. This will work well, too.

Also, don’t worry if this exercise doesn’t work instantly for you. It takes more than a few runs for some people — just like in physical fitness, it takes a number of tries and lengths of time for different people to develop the confidence muscle. Just keep at it. All you really need is patience and consistency. In the end, it’ll be more than worth it — that’s a guarantee.